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Chillisauce, Wells Street, Xmas party

Chillisauce, Wells Street, Xmas party Event photography I was lucky enough to be commissioned for Chillisauce, Wells Street, Xmas party. Chillisauce is a company that specialise in activities and destinations for stag weekends, hen parties, activity weekends, corporate events and team building days. The staff members are excellent ambassadors for the company, they clearly apply their great personalities to their work; there was never a dull moment. Everyone has a fabulous time and I am happy that I was able to be a part of the Chillisauce experience. The event started by the team loading on to two routemaster buses, all of the staff members were in fancy dress attire so it really set the mood for a great evening to come. I took various portrait and candid shots of people enjoying themselves on the bus. The excitement was elevated as party classics were played whilst there was an exchange of wine and beer. I was happy to accept the role of “Bad Santa” and caught the fun and excitement across the two busses before we stopped at a pub in trafalgar square. […]

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